Who is Edgardo Canales? All About Adria Arjona’s Husband

edgardo canales

Committing a relationship is so easy but handling it for a lifetime is such a tough task for our generation. Nowadays people step out of their marriages easily. It works like both freedom and escapism from the responsibilities. You can not term it completely good or bad because it needs the understanding of the cases. Still you cannot deny the fact that the rate of divorces is increasing everyday. In this article we are providing you with information about Edgardo Canales, a Lawyer and ex husband of actress Adria Arjona whom she recently divorced for personal reasons.  


He was away from the eyes of the media but gained fame after marrying Adria Arjona, a popular actress in 2019. He was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and as of 2024 he is 37 years old, he carries American nationality, also he comes from a socially aware background which led him to the path of studying law and using his legal wisdom for the society. 

Edgardo Canales Age

Edgardo Canales, born in 1987 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, is known as the spouse of actress Adria Arjona, aged 37 as of 2024.

Edgardo‘s Physical appearance

Edgardo is tall, handsome and appealing if we talk about his physical personality. The statistical data is provided through the following table to give you an estimated view.

Height (approx)6’ 0” ft
Weight (approx)85 kgs
Hair and Eye colorBlack
Skin complexionFair

Edgardo Canales Early life

He was born in a family living in Puerto Rico, a Caribbean island which has seen legal battles  to prove their identity. He got his American citizenship under The Nationality Act of 1940 ( this act accepted Puerto Rico as American territory) also he carries dual citizenship which shows connection with Puerto Rico and the United States separately. His family background and residential environment inspired him to become a lawyer.

Edgardo Canales Education

Edgardo Canales completed his graduation journey in 2009 from Boston College’s Wallace E. Carroll Graduate School of management in the finance sector. For his higher studies he chose University of Puerto Rico where he got his Juris Doctor degree. To upgrade his judiciary skills and knowledge he went to Southwestern university of Law where he pursued an LLM degree in Entertainment and Media Law.

Edgardo Canales Career

Edgardo started his professional journey from the entertainment sector. In starting he assisted  Philip Button at William Morris then he worked with the Movie Package Company, CA, Canales which also demanded his legal knowledge to handle their law work. He got an opportunity to work with STX where he handled all the legal affairs related to production and business. Edgardo heled STX to overcome all the legal difficulties with the best remedies.

Edgardo Canales Family

After knowing about his family you will be sure of the fact that the law was in his blood from the start. His father was also a professional lawyer and it is believed that Edgardo was highly influenced by his father. Edgardo’s mother. Edgardo’s mother Sunny Guastella was a Level 2 Executive Consultants at Rodan + Fields ( a cosmetic and beauty product company). 

Edgardo Canales Relationship

Edgardo Canales married a well known actress, Adria Arjona on july 19th, 2019. They announced their engagement in 2018, before the engagement they dated each other for 2 years and finally made it public in 2018. Adria is  popular for films like “Emerald City ”, “True Detective” and “Pacific Rim: Uprising”. The main reason of fame for Edgardo is his marriage with the lady.

Their married life went fine for the next three years but after that they started having some issues with each other and they got separated in January 2023. They filed their petition for divorce in June 2023 and by December 2023 they divorced each other officially. There were rumors of his wife dating an American actor Jason Momoa which she made official recently.

Edgardo Canales Net Worth

As of 2024 the estimated net worth of Adria’s ex husband Edgardo Canales is something near $2 million. He works as a law consul;atant in the entertainment sector and this is his main source of income.

Edgardo Canales Social media

Edgardo Canales lives a simple and private life, it can be proved  by the fact that he was not related to fame and attention at all before marrying Adria Arjona and he is not officially available  on any of the social media handles. It is hard to gather any information through his official sources.


1. When did Adria and Edgardo get married?

Adria and Edgardo got married in 2019 in a private ceremony in the presence of family and friends.

2. What profession Edgardo Canales follows?

He is a lawyer and he got inspired to become a lawyer by his father.

3. Why did Adria and Edgardo took divorce?

The reason for their divorce is still unknown. They did not disclose it publicly and kept it private.

4. Does Edgardo And Adria have children?

No, in the three years of their marriage they do not have any children.

5. What is the net worth of Edgardo Canales?

There are not any official reports but it is  estimated around $2 million. 

6. Is Edgardo Canales single now?

Yes, after his divorce with Adria Edgardo is currently single though his ex wife is dating an actor Jason Momoa.

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