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fci hrms

The current era fast-changing world of work. Here getting things done efficiently and effectively is crucial for a company’s success. Managing tasks related to employees is more important than ever. Recognizing this, the Food Corporation of India (FCI) has taken a proactive step. They have introduced the FCI HRMS (Human Resource Management System) Portal.

Overview of FCI HRMS Portal

fci hrms

The FCI HRMS Portal being the prospective online gateway of the FCI employees is a system where they can obtain online information regarding their employment. Look at Govt. website it is in fact, a public guardian website that is directly charged with assisting FCI with its employees management. Not only the FCI employees, but also other students can do many essential tasks from the website.

They can record the times they show up for a job. They have the right share equal rights with their superiors, like the right to ask for a leave of absence and being reimbursed for any expenses related to the job. This portal is also known as the Employee Self-Service system. This new platform is kind of like a big online headquarters just for FCI employees. Now no need to go to different places or fill out lots of paper forms. Workers can do many important things right from their computers or phones. For example, they can keep track of when they start and finish work.

Features of FCIHRMS Portal

fci hrms

The FCI HRMS Portal encompasses a comprehensive suite of features designed to enhance employee management:

  • Attendance Management: Simplifies the job of tracking employees’ time and attendance records.
  • Leave Management: Advocates for leave wars and checks on leave balances through online apps.
  • Reimbursement Management: It will simply be a way of employees claiming their work related expenses.
  • Training: Sends out notifications prior to any training/session and keeps track of the past training sessions details.
  • Reports: Preparation of and transmission of staff management-relevant data.
  • Policies & Circulars: The house ensures the safekeeping of critical documents such as policies extracted from the organization and any changes made to the guidelines.
  • Directory: Illustrates the organization chart showing the manager and the office list.
  • Survey: Relay the results of internal surveys with the organization.
  • Performance: Such tool plays a role of a feedback system, where employees can see their results of a given period.

Benefits of FCI HRMS Portal

The introduction of the FCI HRMS Portal brings forth a multitude of benefits for FCI employees:

  • Accessibility: Staff members save more time by logging in an online platform and all they see are their monthly and annual pay slips.
  • Convenience: The site provides users with a single dashboard page for accessing various services, enabling them to save their utility time.
  • Self-Service: The employees will have time and anywhere freedom in accessing and updating their information at any time.
  • Leave Management: The site enables the online filing of applications for leave and informs the employee if the leave is already processed.
  • Attendance Management: It will be very easy for the employees to operate all attendance procedures online which will reduce the time of the process.

How to Do FCI HRMS Login on Portal

fci hrms

Accessing the FCI HRMS Portal is a simple process: Accessing the FCI HRMS Login Portal is a simple process:

  • Go to the official FCI HRMS portal at www.hrmsfci.bd.
  • Access your Login ID, password in the home page box and type in your Captcha code.
  • Click the Submit button to land on the Home page model.

Applying for Leave on FCI HRMS Portal

Employees can easily apply for leave through the FCI HRMS Portal:Employees can easily apply for leave through the FCI HRMS Portal:

  • The gateway for you is just a click away: login by utilizing your Login ID and Password.
  • Click on the Leave tab of the dashboard module on the platform.
  • Tap on “Apply for request” to switch to a new request form.
  • Please verify the provided information and submit your leave application form.

Checking Attendance on FCIHRMS Portal

Employees can conveniently check their attendance records on the FCI HRMS Portal:

  • Log in to your account using the Portal Login ID and Password you were provided with.
  • Proceed to either the Attendance page or the module on the dashboard.

Services Provided With FCI HRMS Login Method

FCI HRMS Login procedure provides broad services which are covering different goals:

  • Dashboard: This is like a shared workspace where employees can view and approve things like planned leaves, vacations, training programs, and attendance records.
  • Connect: Employees can use this platform to chat with their colleagues who are signed up on the website.
  • Leave: This is where employees can ask for leaves and see how many days of leave they have left.
  • Policies and Circulars: Important documents like company policies, changes in guidelines, and announcements are posted here.
  • Expense Reimbursement: If employees spend their own money for work-related things, this website will pay them back.
  • Training: It lets employees know about upcoming training sessions, saves details from training sessions, and provides important reports to all employees.
  • Performance: Employees can view their performance reports for a specific time period in this section.
  • Directory: It shows the hierarchy of the organization, listing the heads of departments, offices, and the overall organization.


Considering this, the system turns into a contributions in employee management of the next level, creating a platform easy for the workers to use and provide services needed, anytime and from any location. With its simple login which carefully thought through and high-tech features, which gives employees more chance of efficiency, transparency and ease of doing their work, the portal contribute a great deal to the organization generally.

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