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Over 5 lakh people use the free online game platform Poki each month. It provides a large selection of games, including well-known mobile games like Candy Crush Saga, Temple Run, and Subway Surfer. Here are some of the greatest Poki games available for play on any platform, including PCs, laptops, and smartphones, if you’re searching for a quick online diversion.

Angry Birds Forever

A movie based on the characters in the game Angry Birds released at one point due to its immense popularity. In this game, you can take on the roles of other birds, but mostly a red, irate bird. The green-colored pigs are attempting to consume the eggs that the birds are trying to save. To get the birds to a distance where the pigs, they must slingshotted. To hit the pigs, you only need to make sure the slingshot pulled and positioned correctly. You found this game on poki website

Instructions for Playing the Game

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  • The slingshot controlled by pressing and holding the mouse or touchpad’s cursor. 
  • You pull it as hard and as far as you think will get the bird to the pigs. The bird’s path indicated by a dotted line. 

Have Fun With Temple Run

A well-liked racer that never ends. While chasing after a relic, you take on the role of an explorer. In addition to dodging obstacles and gathering cash and power-ups, you must continue running to avoid being grabb by pursuing monkeys. Additionally, you must take care to stay on the path and not fall. 

How to Play Temple Run?

  • You must use Arrow up to clear barriers, grab a ropeway, jump over cracks, and Arrow down to duck under obstructions on the path.
  • While you sprint, get coins and power-ups.

Get On To An Adventurous Ride With Subway Surfers

The endless runner game Subway Surfers originally designed for the portrait screen of mobile phones. Although you have a choice of characters, Jake is the default. You pretend to be Jake, and your task is to avoid a policeman and his dog. In addition, you have to avoid other obstacles like trains and trams. While you are running, you can also gather coins, power-ups, unique gear, etc.

How to Play Subway Surfers?

  • Hit the Arrow, up to leap, arrow down to lower oneself
  • To move to the left or right, press the arrow keys.
  • The hoverboard can activated by pressing the Space key.
  • Run as far as you can, gathering as much money and power-ups along the way.

All Time Favourite Candy Crush

It’s likely that you or maybe your parents have become addicted to Candy Crush Saga at some point. To smash the candies in this easy tile-matching puzzle game, you must match candy of the same color. You crush more, match more, and win more levels the more you do so. 

Instructions For Playing Candy Crush

  • To place a sweet where you believe there is a match, you must hold down the mouse or trackpad cursor and move it up, down, left, or right. 
  • To determine whether there’s a potential of crushing more than one candy by matching a single group of candies, you may occasionally need to try to zoom out and view the entire board. That earns you multiple points at once.

Harness the Game of Chess

Chess is a game that can played anywhere, and the visual appeal of this particular version is why We chose it. You have the option to play CPU-against-player or player versus player. Ten seconds given to you to act. The game becomes more serious because of the time element.

Instructions for Playing Game of Chess

  • Click the chess piece you want to move. 
  • Click where you want to move it. Of course, you have to stick to the chess rules. You not supposed to place them wherever you feel like.

Come And Play Pool Club

I experimented with many pool games. However, I like this game’s single-player mode. The only opponent you have is time, not another player. Before the clock reaches zero, you must pocket every ball. You have sixty seconds. You gain an extra time bonus the more balls you drop into the pockets. 

How to Play Pool Club?

  • Choose the direction you wish to hit with the trackpad or mouse first. 
  • After that, pull and press the cue stick. To push the stick and strike the cue ball, release the cursor. 
  • Make sure to timing your moves in accordance with the countdown.

Make Some Noise With Monkey Mart

You take control of an adorable monkey figure that is in charge of a grocery in the idle/management game Monkey Mart. Grow fruits, gather produce, and go from one station to the next to stock the stands with a variety of food items. Sell wheat, cocoa, coffee beans, peanuts, corn, eggs, bananas, and so on. Simply stand next to the cash register to collect your money; your customers will pick them up and wait for you at the cashier desk.

As you expand your market by adding more products and opening up new aisles, you can recruit helpers to help manage aisle and employee maintenance.  Additionally, you may purchase gadgets that use your harvest to make sophisticated foods like chocolate bars, coffee, yoghurt, popcorn, peanut butter, muffins, biscuits, ice cream, and more! Aim to improve your character’s management abilities, open up new job areas, and impart new abilities to your employees. and poki websites gives you the free games.

How to Play Monkey Mart?

Grab fresh produce as you run through the market, then stand next to the aisles and stack it up so that consumers may pick it up. As long as you’re standing in the correct spot, your character will take care of everything without you having to push any buttons! Use WASD or Arrow keys to move.

Do You Love Cars?

Have you heard of that game Super Tunnel Rush? A cyberpunk-themed racing game featuring physics-defying stunts. Accelerate while attempting to stay on the track and to avoid running into any roadblocks. Gather the power-ups that colored green along the route to accelerate.

How to Play this Game?

  • Use the Arrow Left/Right or A/D keys to travel in the corresponding direction.
  • Steer clear of the pitfalls.


In conclusion, you by now may be aware that you can play a variety of games on poki. It does not matter what age you are. The only thing that matters is your enthusiasm and passion for playing online games. We all want free access for multiple games on poki platform. And what can be better than this, when you are getting tons of games just on one platform. So don’t wait, just go ahead and play your favourite game today. 

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