Shaila Viren Merchant: Biography, Education, Early Life & Net Worth

shaila viren merchant

Remember, in the whole business world, Shaila Viren Merchant is very popular. She is considered the managing director of a famous pharmaceutical company in India. As per the reports, the name of the company is ‘Encore Healthcare’. Moreover, she is also popular as the mom of Radhika Merchant. 

Shaila Viren Merchant Biography

Guys, we are sorry but the date of birth of Shaila is not available at this moment. Our team members are trying their best to get the complete details of her within a short time. But, let me tell you that Shaila is from Kutch, Gujarat.

Moreover, she went to Activity High School in Mumbai. As already mentioned, she is the managing director of Encore Healthcare. Additionally, she is also having directional roles in several other businesses. Some renowned businesses are Atharva Impex Pvt Ltd, Swastik Exim Pvt Ltd, and Haveli Traders Pvt Ltd.

Also, amidst the pre-wedding of Anant and Radhika, Shaila shines as a symbol of elegance. Oh, remember, not only elegance but also influence. She is also recoginized for her style and fashion choices. As per reports, Shaila was born in the Kutch district of Gujarat, India, Again as per official records, she currently resides in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Shaila Viren Merchant Physical Appearance

As per the official reports, Shaila is around 5 foot 6 inches tall and weighs about 65 kilograms. No doubt, but Shaila has stunning eyes with long black hair. Moreover, she is also the one who has an endearing personality.

Also, she has the body measurements of 34-28-32 inches. That’s it for this section as there is no more information available to discuss here.

Early Life

After being born in the Kutch district of Gujarat, she was brought up between her loved ones. The name of Shaila’s mother is Devi GK. But, her father’s name is not disclosed yet. Guys, remember, she is not interested in sharing any personal details to the media limelight. Shaila loves to keep her personal life secret and doesn’t make it public. 

Shaila Viren Merchant’s Education Details

Guys, here you need to make sure that Shaila completed her primary and secondary education. Yes, she did both the education qualifications from Activity High School. The school is situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Again, we are unable to fetch the educational details of Shaila Viren Merchant. But, our team members are trying their best to give you complete details of the same.

Shaila’s Family Background

Moreover, the name of her mother-in-law is Indu Gordhandas. She is also a businesswoman by profession and occupation. But, this is sad to inform you that Shaila’s mother-in-law died on 19th February 2014.

On the other hand, the name of her father-in-law is Ajit Kumar Gordhandas. Yes, Ajit Kumar is also a businessman by profession. Guys, this is shocking to know that Shaila’s sister-in-law’s name is Nita Ambani. She is a very well-known figure and a businesswoman and Philanthropist by profession.

Shaila Viren Merchant’s Professional Career

Shaila Viren Merchant is a very popular businesswoman in India. Remember, in the year 2022, she was appointed as the director of 14 companies in India. Also, some of the names of the companies are Test Consultants Pvt Ltd, Gulf Enterprises Pvt Ltd, Jamnaji Resorts Pvt Ltd, and more.

Moreover, Shaila married to Viren. After this, she was designated as a managing director of Encore Healthcare. She is in charge of her husband’s 2000 crore company. This also brings in 200 crores of money a year. Shaila also holds directorial position in different other famous companies, consisting Atharva Impex Private Limited, Swastik Exim Private Limited, Haveli Traders, and others. Her roles are multiple and she is performing them well enough.

Shaila Viren Merchant’s Personal Life

Guys, Shaila is very beautiful and stunning. As per standards, she married to a billionaire Viren Merchant. The full name of her husband is Viren Ajitkumar Merchant. Viren took birth on the 16th of January, 1967.

As per online proofs, Viren is a businessman by profession and occupation. Yes, he is also the CEO and Vice Chairman of Encore Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.. This is a Mumbai-based pharmaceutical company.

Shaila Viren Merchant’s Children

After some time, the couple gave birth to their first daughter in 1989. The name of their first daughter is Anjali Merchant. As of 2024, Anjali is 35 years old. The couple’s first daughter got married to Indian businessman Aman Majithia.

Now, in 1994, Radhika Merchant, their second daughter was born. As everyone knows, she is engaged on the 29th of December 2022, with Anant Ambani. As of 2024, Radhika Merchant is 30 years of age. 

Read On radhika merchant and anant ambani’s Wedding

The whole world knows about the pre-wedding celebration of Anant Ambani that took place from 1st March to 3rd March. Asia’s richest family showed power of money and wealth, capturing the attention of people across the world. And here, the final celebration will be from July 12 to July 15 which will happen for their wedding celebration in Mumbai covering traditional wedding rituals, reception, and cocktail celebration as well.

Radhika Merchant Anant Ambani Pre wedding

On March 1st, more than 2,000 members flewed To Jamnagar for their celebration. The celebration came out as a blockbuster with the amazing flower decoration, Rihanna’s performance, Even the first pre-wedding pictures were not over from social media of radhika merchant and anant ambani’s Wedding pre-festivities. 

Now, the family announced a second pre-wedding which is a cruise party of four-day events from 29 May to 01 June. The party started in Italy and ended in Southern France. This luxury cruise celebration costs around USD 900 Million.

Shaila Viren Merchant Net Worth

Guys, the net worth of Shaila Viren Merchant is shocking to reveal. But, let’s take a chance and know the estimated net worth of Shaila. Her major source of income is through running a pharmaceutical company.

Remember, Shaila has a net worth of around 10 crores. She is the one who maintains balance in both her personal and professional lives. This is something that showcases her multitasking abilities and resilience.

Although viren merchant net worth is also considered as Shaila’s because of their relationship and they believe in simple living and high thinking that also implies in their business.

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